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“When a woman is strong and healthy, she is a world changer. Not on a small scale. But on a level that battles darkness. The stronger women are, the more good will occur.”

- Anthony Williams

This is why we are trained to believe we are too weak. 
Too irrational, too sensitive, too emotional, too ugly, too crazy, too dumb, too quiet, too loud.


It’s the real reason women were set on fire 500 years ago. It's why suffragettes were beaten down and tortured. It’s why women are still shamed into submission all around thr world. It's why the glass ceiling exist. It's why we are told to “just be cute and look good.”

To prevent us from finding out how powerful we are.  To prevent us from changing the world.

But, why would they want this?
Because the people in control don’t want change.
They want more of the same.
 want absolute control.

And every independent woman who loves herself, thinks for herself and expresses herself; every woman who doesn't need their approval, is an absolute threat to them.  

She might wake up the others.

And so they use shame as a psychological tool to keep us caged in. It's very clever. Because shame is the emotion that has the lowest frequency of all. It makes us feel so small. It makes us want to disappear into thin air. We will do anything not to feel it.

And so they teach us how to obey.
How to behave to be accepted.
How to keep ourselves busy busy busy.
How to nod our heads and smile.
How to keep up the appearances.
How to obsess over superficialities. 

And worst of all:
They teach us how to shame each other if we don't comply.

We are caging each other in without realizing it.
Echo-ing their manipulative thoughts.
t's mental slavery.
Nobody can get to their power in such a state. 

Plot twist
But don’t worry. We are way stronger than you might think. And we outnumber them - by far! With our men by our sides, embracing their feminine energy too, it could be 99 to 1. 

We could re-balance the world.
We could c
hange the world.
If instead of pointing fingers, we would just be holding hands.

If you want humanity to do better, you need to free yourself from the bullshit that was planted in your head by the few powerdrunk people who are manipulating the masses. You need to unlearn their terrible, destructive programming. And connect back with who you really are.

Where to start? 
Get to know yourself.
Love yourself.

It’s the most rebellious thing you can do in this world. If you know and love yourself, nobody can control you. And if nobody controls you, you will do whatever your soul wants you to do. 

And that’s when we start to create beautiful, sustainable, freeing change. Fearlessly.

No longer ashamed.
No longer judging.
No longer pushing and punishing.
Just creating from love. 
Just creating, because there’s nothing else that you would rather be doing.

Doesn’t that sound rad?

Remember: you don't have to be any different and try to fit in. Because if you need to try, then it is not a healthy place for you. Trust that who you are is exactly right for what you are here to do.

You are enough. Just as you are. 
You don’t have to be anyone else. 
Nothing more and nothing less.
You are exactly right. 
More than that, really.
You are incredible.

Don't let your fear of making mistakes hold you back. The right people will forgive you if you do.
We will catch you. You’re fine. Don’t worry so much. 
Have fun. Experiment. Feel. 
Enjoy who you are.

Love yourself.
All your strengths.
All your challenges.
All your beautiful silly bits.
All of your everything.

Changing the world starts there.


Art by Victoria Lisi

PS If you want to free your mind from detrimental societal beliefs, I highly recommend the book "What if this is heaven" from Anita Moorjani. She debunks societal myths in such a loving and empowering way.

PPS Also, this is why I love astrology and Human Design so much. These tools say: yes. You are right. You were meant exactly like this. And then it empowers you to express the highest version of your energy. Be you. Unapologetically. It confirms everything you already know to be true about yourself - deep down. It’s so wild! No wonder they teach us it's woowoo and silly and fake. It helps us reclaim who we really are. It sets us free.


PPPS Also, this post is about waking up the feminine energy in all of us - male or female. But if you are a man and read this post, you probably already understood ;)

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