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A few weeks ago I learned that B1ll G@tes supports a plan to block out the sun (I'm using codes like the cool kids). His idea is to stop global warming by creating a chemical blockage between earth and the sun. He wants to spray tiny sulfate particles all around our world.

Come again? He wants to save our world by blocking our life force? So, not by reducing pollution and supporting nature and all that? But by having airplanes spray MORE chemicals into the air? 


But I guess this is the thread that runs through all of his projects. He seems to be at war with (human) nature.

A few weeks before the fires on the American West Coast started, I had been thinking about agriculture a lot. It's a theme that keeps coming up for me. Strangely, because it's not necessarily where my interest lies.

I now believe these fires are so extreme because of the pesticides we spray onto our crops. These toxins don’t just magically dissipate. They integrate into our air and soil. We have polluted our environment with flammable chemical particles. And I believe that this could be the reason that these fires are spreading so rapidly.

We've literally made our world highly flammable.

Also, remember Australia experienced similar devastating fires last year? Australia is notoriously known for the overuse of (illegal) pesticides. I haven’t done the research but I would not be surprised if there would be a correlation between the fires and the toxicity of our agricultural practices.

Hey, but wait, isn't agriculture another field G@tes is very much invested in? I know his foundation is heavily involved in agricultural bio-engineering, because I used to work for an educational project funded by him (I will write about this experience next). He also has very close (financial) ties with M0ns@nt0, the original distributor of Glyph0sate/R0und Up/pesticides. You know, that stuff that is making our food attacking us from the insides. I just learned that it's actually glyph0sate that makes gluten so damaging to our gut lining. (Check out the work of Zach Bush MD if you want to learn more.)

So all of this is happening and we are being told that the cause of these fast spreading fires is .... a gender reveal party?!

Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Let's take a step back
This is obviously scapegoating. And it's working. People are getting realllll angry at each other. Pointing fingers for using plastic. I get it and I agree that party decorations are wasteful. Plastic sucks. 100%. Yes, we should all take way more responsibly. But before we turn on each other, let’s go beyond the actual use of plastic, shall we? Let’s take a step back.

Who planted the idea in our heads that we need all these plastic parties anyway? Who is filling our stores with all this toxic? Who is convincing us to buy it? Who is teaching us that we need more and more stuff to be happy? 

This idea didn't start within us. It's the profiting big guys! We are falling for their strategies and they are actually turning it around on us. Those manipulative evil geniuses!

They have us attacking each other while the actual seeds for our behavior were planted by them. It’s like they first convince us that poison is healthy, then they convince us we've made ourselves sick and then they sell us the "antidote". They control the narrative and we are buying it. Literally.

They are getting away with murder because most of us are
1. sick, scared, brainwashed, confused
2. too busy blaming our neighbours.

Back to the Sun
What I am afraid of now, is that these fires will be used as an argument to push this weird-blocking-the-sun-plan. That they will go all in. Watch out for this message: "Global Warming! We must act drastically NOW because look at all these fires! Let's block out the SUN because it's the ONLY way to save our planet!”

It’s not the way.
The solutions that are presented to us are not real solutions.
Worse. They are the problems.

Whether or not this plan will be introduced, I think it's important to realize that the man that is currently dominating the health narrative, supports plans like this. 

What does that tell you about him?
What does that tell you about our health narrative?

I pray we will see the truth in time.
That we stop believing their fear imposing rubbish.
Because that ís something we are to blame for.
For keeping ourselves distracted and disconnected.
For becoming gullible because it’s an easier way of living. For falling for their manipulations again and again.

What we are being told about how our world works does not make any sense. The problems, causes and solutions don't add up. Just look at the state of our world. They haven't been doing a good job at protecting it. I don't understand why we are still listening to them.

Listen beyond THEIR words.
What are they telling you REALLY?
Connect with yourself to feel how their information makes you FEEL.

It's not inspiring.
It's not empowering.
It doesn't feel good.
It doesn't feel freeing.

And just like that, I know it's not the truth.



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