Return of Investment (en)

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Yes. You have a body.
Yes. It takes a lot of effort to keep it functioning.

But here’s a newsflash:
you are going to have to nourish it for the rest of your life.
So there’s no point in whining about it.
Let’s do it like it is part of the dance.
Let’s make it fun.

Find the joy in nurturing.
Make it a priority.
Turn it into your favorite hobby.
Don't see it as “something to get over with."
See it as the best thing you can do for yourself every day.
Make time.

Chop those vegetables with your family and friends.
Connect. Share stories. Laugh.
Cook up something special now and then.
Turn up the music and dance. Turn on the oven.
Smell the herbs. Enjoy the soup fumes. Play. Use your senses.
Soak in that bath for too long. Massage yourself.
Breath. Feel the steps you take.
Don’t take your ability to move for granted.
It’s magical. You are magical.
Enjoy the sensations.
Nurture yourself. Love yourself.
This is why you are here.

Stop spending time and money on bullshit.
We don’t care about what you have or what you look like.
We care how you féél.
Invest in yourself.
The ROI will be amazing.

Take a course. Get yourself inspired. Do what lights you up.
Treat yourself. Invest in yourself.
Yes, go b
uy that expensive eco cream if you enjoy it so much.
Treat your skin lavishly. You deserve it!

You can save money on take-out, beers, make-up, synthetic clothes and expensive plane tickets. Make better choices. Choices that actually support you.

I am so done with watching us work against ourselves.
On watching us numb and distract ourselves.

Embracing that we are human is long overdue.
We are not robot rats.
We are beautiful beings full of love here to enjoy and protect the earth.

We want you around. Healthy and thriving.
We want to see you use your beautiful talents.
You are a piece of the puzzle, you know.

We need to stop normalizing feeling run down, tired and stressed.
It’s not normal to be exhausted.
It's your body telling you there is something off.
Go find out what it is.
You can heal this.
You just need to take yourself seriously.
Take care of yourself.
So you can find out who you are.
So you can do what you need to be doing.

This is it, you know.
This is your life.
Stop treating it like an afterthought.
It’s magical.
You are magical.


PS Tough love vibes! With my 11t house ruled by Cancer I am basically like a mother to the collective! So you better listen to me or I will ground you all!! (haha - because I love you)

Art by Brian Kirhagis

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