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So, I saw the Meghan and Harry interview.
And I didn’t see what the press told me to see.

What did I see? I saw two very evolved grown ups that are dealing with a very childish culture. 

I saw two warriors.
Two people who bring truth.
Two people who show us the way.

People can only meet you where they are at.
And our world clearly has a lot of growing up to do - catching up to these two.

You can see the truth in their eyes.
The way they talk about oppression and depression will strike a chord with everyone that has ever been through it.

And the gossip and the abuse they are getting is a sign that they have hit the beast right in the heart. The beast being the desperate, crumbling system that is now lashing out with hate.

How the truth gets lost
This story is such a good example of how the truth gets lost. 

What to believe, right?
There are so many different agenda’s.
So many perspectives and opinions.
There is so much manipulation.
So much ego, blame and judgement.

So, let’s break it down. Let’s unravel this story and find the grain of truth that is hidden in there somewhere. 

Let's translate this situation into normal-every-day-human-lives.

What did Meghan and Harry do?
> They left their jobs.

Why did they leave their jobs?
> Because their jobs weren’t making them happy anymore. Meghan got suicidal and I think Harry had mental health struggles earlier in his life.

Two people left their jobs because their voices weren’t heard.
Their bosses didn’t listen.
Their colleagues weren’t supportive.
Their needs weren’t met.
Their freedom was being obstructed.
They were kept away from the people they loved.
They felt trapped.

Harry and Meghan left their jobs because their jobs were making them miserable. That’s it. That’s all they did.

Can you believe half of the world gets sucked into drama, judgement, blame, fear, anger and gossip - all because two people left their jobs?

The world coming down on them, spewing out hate and blame, is a projection of the state of our world. It shows us how wounded our society is. It's on us. Not them.

Ungrateful Rich Bastards
Some people find it hard to believe that Meghan and Harry were depressed because "they are filthy rich and they lived in a palace." How could théy, of all people, feel oppressed?!

And I just can’t believe we still think that money is enough to buy us happiness. Having money does not make you immune to pain. They are still humans. And humans have deeper needs than accumulating wealth and living in mansions.

This is not the first time we heard such stories from royals or celebrities, is it? Just think back to all the Rich & Famous that killed themselves. So much money and fame and glamour and yet they suffered so badly that they ended their lives.

Remember Scott, from the Kardashins, who cried out: “I know I have everything, but it doesn’t féél good inside.”  (see post: Guilty Pleasure)

We don’t have to compete on whose pain is worse.
Some people will have challenges around money.
Some people will have challenges around relationships.
Some people will have challenges around career or health or freedom or family or beliefs or identity.

All valid.
Everyone’s pain is valid.
It’s not either you or me.
It’s not either us or them.
This is what our divisive culture teaches us. 
But this is false.
It’s all of us. We all matter.
All of our experiences matter.

Maybe we could just listen and learn..? 

Flipping the truth
These two were not designed to follow. They are wayshowers. They are showing us how to break free from suffocating systems. And their story is a dagger in the heart of a collapsing system.

And it's screaming out alright.

We will be seeing a lot more of this. People stepping out of trapping systems and into their own personal power. And just watch how they will paint good people off as bad people. They will flip the narrative, like they have always done.

Feminists become man-haters.
Truth-seekers become conspiracy thinkers.
Activists become dangerous rebels.
Healers become witches or quacks.
Powerful women become manipulative bitches.
Independent people who step out of the matrix become lunatics.
Sensitive visionairies become woo woo and weak.

This is how they keep us trapped.
They make sure we know what happens should we want to break free ourselves: we will be ostracized.

But it’s just an illusion. It's a lie. 
There is so much love waiting for you on the other side. If you could just free yourself.

And you can!
You just need to let go of playing their games.
That’s it.

Stop using the tools they give you. 
Fear, shame, judgement, guilt, name calling, belittling, censoring, hate. Stop reiterating their sick ways. Unlearn their rules and design your own. Step into your own power.

Because your power is so much stronger than theirs.
Because your power is fueled by love. 
And secretly, we all know love is the strongest force. 
The only reason we don't truly believe this, is because they taught us that love and light is silly and hippie and woo woo. Again: this is how they keep us away from the truth. They flip it so we can’t harness it’s power. Isn't that clever?

Can you imagine what would happen if we ALL moved out of the lowest frequency (shame/fear) and into the highest frequency (love/peace)? 

I’ll tell you what would happen:
we would be creating paradise.

So. To conclude. The take away of all of this.

Be mindful of the stories they tell you. Discern. Don’t buy into stories about people if you haven't looked into their eyes and decided what you feel about them for yourself. Lead with your independent, loving heart. Not with your head. Your head is easily manipulated. It's called brainwashing for a reason.

Art by Jennifer Valez @sophieandlili


I loved Harry's answer when he was asked about the relationship with his brother. He said: space. The relationship right now is space. We are on different paths.

Not one wrong, one right. Just different.
So loving.

And I loved Meghan's answer when she was asked about the portrayed rivalry between Kate and her. She said: there is no need to choose between Kate and me. You can like Kate AND still like me. You can like me AND still like Kate.

No need to paint one of them off as the villain.
They are both good humans.

Now, people who give such answers, THOSE are people I trust. People who call other people "money grabbing whores and manipulative bitches" - not so much.

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