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One of my friends just gave birth to a baby girl. 

This is what her husband said:

“Every man should witness a birth.
It shows the incredible strength of women.
Not just the primal strength of the woman giving birth, but also the incredible force of women working together.”

That made me tear up.
Because that's just it - isn't it?

If women would work together, 
we would change the world. 

We would be an undeniable force.
And we would use that power to make earth flourish like never before.

Because that is what strong women do.
We birth life.

And when men see us in that state,
in our healthy strength,
they have no choice but to be inspired.
To honour and 
protect us.
To lift us up. To energize us.
To keep us safe so we can work our magic.

When a woman stands in her power, it makes a healthy man say: show me the way and I will clear the path for you.

Because that is what strong men do.
They protect life.

This is how we were meant to create. 

Divide and conquer
And that is exactly why women are taught to go against each other. 

Divide us and you divide the world.
Divide the world and you conquer it.

I cannot stress enough how huge this is.
Repressing the feminine is the main tool used to keep all of us enslaved in archaic, messed up systems. As long as the feminine is repressed, our world cannot heal.

This is why women are taught to hide in shame.
To keep quiet and apologize for being alive.
This is why women are taught to compete.
To judge and lash out from jealousy and spite. 

This is why men have been brainwashed to go against their true nature of protecting the feminine.
This is why men are taught to dominate, ridicule and deny female strengths like sensitivity and imagination - also within themselves.

A healthy masculine society would have never allowed the suppression of women.

(See images for the healthy and wounded masculine and feminine energies.)

This goes beyond feminism. Don't get me wrong, feminism is a beautiful movement and I believe every wave was an important stepping stone towards liberation. We broke through the barriers that we were ready to break through at that time.

But if you really think about it,
feminism only gave us the illusion of power.

Sure, women got the right to vote. 
But only in a system that was already rigged.

Sure, women got the right to work and earn money.
But only to work like robot-rats.
And only to spend money on things that kept the people in control in control.

Yes, feminism opened the system up for women,
but it was never a healthy humanitarian system to begin with - was it?

Feminism gave us the opportunity to live like men.
But our masculine values are not healthy.
So being equal to men, just kept women equally trapped.

However, getting access to the system wás important. Because women are receptive and observant. They feel and intuit.
And experiencing the system from within is giving us the opportunity to recognize: hold up, this is not right! We need to change this!

So what I mean to say is:
being equal to men is not the end game.
Our job is not done.
We are ready for the next phase now.
We are ready to truely, deeply change our systems. 

It has already started. 
Women are finding out what their true nature is.
We are reconnecting to our superpowers.

And man, will it light this bitch up.

Because we are transformers.
Change-makers. Life-givers. Nurturers.

We create magic.
We transmute darkness into light. 
Hate into love.

once you learn about who you are,
and once you integrate this knowledge,
you will laugh in the face of darkness.
You will create wildfires of love and life everywhere. 
You will unite and give our world direction.
You will start the process of creating paradise.
For all of us.

Eve was never the problem you see.
They just made you think she was,
because she was the solution they never wanted you to find.


Sidenote: these energies are not bound by gender or sex.
We all have both energies within us.
We are all both feminine and masculine.

There is masculinity in women, and there is femininity in men. It's like yin and yang.
There is a splash of white in black, and a splash of black in white.

For some people, these splashes are bigger than for other people. Energy doesn't stick to labels. Although it is true that most women are predominantly feminine and most men are predominantly masculine, of course there are women who feel more comfortable with masculine values and men who feel more comfortable with feminine values. And that is perfect and beautiful if you are truly designed that way. 

The thing to watch out for is that you are not tipping to one side because of trauma. Fe. in our society a lot of women go into overly masculine behaviour because they don't feel safe enough to lean back into their feminine. They are in survival mode.

And remember this: men who repress their own feminine energy, will want to dominate women. Women who repress their male energy, will fear men and be submissive.

If you want to learn more about balancing the energies, follow @_jakewoodart on Instagram. Cool stuff!!

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