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My latest labresults are in.
And it is what the whispers have been telling me for a while now.

Lyme disease.
And Epstein-barr virus.
And about 5 other co-infections.

Holy shit.

They say Lyme is an insect borne disease.
But. Before you freak out about insects and germs and stuff, I would like to explain how we are being educated to fear the wrong things.

Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory
The question most people ask me is: where did you catch all that stuff?! And why so many?!

But that is actually not the right question.

Because we are exposed to germs all the time.
And that is how it should be. That is healthy.
Germs have their place and function in the world. 
They don't harm us when we are strong.

The reason that germs make us really really sick, is because we already are.
These parasites only latched onto me because I created the perfect environment for them. And because my immune system was being supressed by something else.

The fact that I am riddled with several co-infections, and not just one, proves the Terrain Theory for me. And negates Germ Theory.
The image with the fish on the right (or below) displays these theories nicely.

Germ theory sais: we catch germs and they make us sick. So we need to shield ourselves against germs with chemicals to stay healthy (including V's)

Terrain theory sais: our polluted environment weakens our immune systems  - and that is what makes us susceptible to germs. We need to clean our environment to stay healthy.

So the million dollar question now is:
what in my environment knocked my immune system out of whack?

The following toxins were found in my blood and urine in very high levels:
- Glyphosate (pesticides used on crops)
- Acrolein (a chemical environmental pollutant, mostly found in herbicides, industrial fumes, gasoline, oil, cigarettes)
- Acrylamide (chemicals used in plastics, food packaging, cosmetics, water from plastic bottles)
- MTBE (chemical pollutant found in ground water and air.)
- Nickel (mostly found in certain foods, kitchen appliances, jewelry, cigarettes.)

Of course, there was way more, but I won't bore you with all the results.

How did these toxin-levels pile up in my body while I've always lived a reasonably healthy life - according to our standards?

It's in our water.
It's in our food.
It's in our soil.
It's in our air.
It's in our products.
It's in our stressed-out-fear-based lifestyles.

This is what throws us off.
This is what makes people sick.
This is why 1 in 3 people get cancer.
This is why people get alzheimer, diabetes, autism, hormonal disbalances, acne, eczema, allergies and what not.
This is the true problem behind C0V1D. 

Humanity has created inhumane living conditions.
We have made just being here on earth, highly toxic.
We are slowly killing ourselves.

We are keeping our immune systems so suppressed, overwhelmed and busy, that they cannot protect us against bacteria, viruses, parasites, illness any longer. 

We are exhausting our bodies.
Just like we are exhausting our planet.

Earth and body = same thing.

I have a hard time understanding why some people (doctors!) don't believe this. 
We are our environment and we all know our environment is extremely polluted.

It's so sad. We are doing it to ourselves, while we blame the natural world.

And the worst thing is that to "protect ourselves from the natural world" we inject ourselves with the very things that are making us sick: more chemicals!

But germs and virusses are just tipping us over the edge. They are like mini messengers telling us we aren't healthy. They are trying to wake us up!

Well, Lyme, it definitely worked for me. 
I heard you loud and clear. 
I'm up I'm up I'm up. 
I'm wide awake!

What can YOU do?
I'm going to show you my way back to ultimate health. And I hope it will inspire you to:

1. Take your health and environment seriously
Because it's not just the polar bears that are suffering.
It's your family and your friends.
It's you. And your future self.

Take ownership of your body and your world.
Love, nourish and protect it.
We all deserve the very best. 

I'm not sharing this information to scare you. 
I want to empower you.
Our bodies are powerful self healing magicians.
We just need to provide them with better conditions

So, make it a fun and purposeful project. 
No need to be perfect, but start.
This deserves your attention.
Especially if you have children or plan on having them - because this stuff transfers. That is why we see more and more children with illnesses like autism, astma and eczema etc. 

2. Eliminate toxins wherever you can
Get a waterfilter that filters glyphosate, metals and medicine residue (fe. zerowater).
Invest in organic produce. 
Avoid processed foods, food in cans (!!) and plastic as much as possible.

Use toxic-free pots and pans (glass, ceramic, vegetek)
Learn about ingredients to avoid.
Use clean cosmetics, cleaning products and fabrics.
Use plant-based dyes for your hair (or go grey).
Eat and drink your fruits, veggies and herbs (like cilantro, leafy greens, and teas from nettle, lemon balm, burdock root). More! Way more.
Go into nature often.
Look into radiation (and turn your WiFi off at night).
Follow health accounts that inspire you and lift you up.

You don't have to get it perfect. 
You don't need to do it all at once. 
Start small. Open up and start learning.
One thing will lead to another.

And above all: don't do it because you fear the world.
Do it because you love yourself.
Moving from fear weakens us,
while moving from a place of love and curiosity, strengthens us.

Think: how can I best serve my body today?

3. Get angry and open up to the solutions
We need your righteous anger.
We need your inner Erin Brocovic.
We need you to say NO to the people in power f*cking up our planet and bodies.

Stop voting for the ignorants who choose money and power over our wellbeing - and stop buying their toxic shit.

And once you have processed your anger, focus on all the solutions that are already out there.

Did you hear about the plastic eating worms? They eat plastic and poop alcohol! And the alcohol can then be used as fuel! Just wow! 

Also, a lot of new foods will be introduced into our diets - like algaes and different types of mushrooms like Tremella and Chaga - and they will help our bodies detox. A lot more will follow. Exciting!

Solutions are everywhere. We just need to open up to them. And we are. The world is changing. Let's speed this process up by getting involved!

Vote for people who understand and respect nature.
Vote for the activists.
Vote with your money.
Buy from the change makers.
Support the protectors.
The light-warriors. The transformers.

The problem was never our faulty bodies.
It was never our faulty natural world.
It was always the faulty ways we treat ourselves and our world. And that is something we can definitely change.

So let's do this!
Let's build paradise!

Couldn't find the artist unfortunately! But found the image here

What would you do?
Medicate the fish (Germ Theory) or clean the tank (Terrain Theory)

A little Q&A
If it's the environment, why do some people get sick and others don't?

I think the short answer is: some of us have more delicate bodies. Some smoke until they are a hundred, and some get lung cancer and die. But we all know smoking isn't helpful for anyone. Don't see the sensitive ones as weak. See us as signals. Whatever is hurting us, might be affecting others too without them realizing.
Having a senstitive body is not annoying. It just tells you what way (not) to go a little louder.

But, didn't you say you have gut issues?
Yes, if you have read my previous posts on my gut issues: that is all still true. But it was only one part of the puzzle. It's all connected: a weak gut (weakened by toxins) weakens the immunesystem and that makes you more susceptible to diseases like Lyme, and then Lyme creates even more havoc in the gut, etc etc. 

Why didn't you find out you had Lyme sooner?
I did do a Lyme test two years ago.
It came back negative.
Now, I could stomp my feet and go: I missed out on two years of my life!

I strongly believe that things don't happen TO us, they happen FOR us.
Because I can tell you this: the past two years have been absolutely mindblowing growth wise.
Maybe this needed to happen to me to wake me up.
To understand the ways of our world.

To get truly healthy, I needed to get really sick. 
To learn about health, I needed a reason to learn about health.

And I just know that I am going to be absolutely, utterly, totally, completely healthy - all because the past years I was not and I was open to learning the lessons. The end of this, will be the start of a life so beautiful, that I will forever be grateful for this difficult time that led me to it.

That is what I mean with "illness heals".

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