What's the plan, God?

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Yesterday, I saw someone post this question:

What is God's plan?

A big loaded question.
With a hint of desperation.
All this suffering.
What the hell, God?
What's the plan here?

The answer came to me straight.
Poof. Just like that.

YOU! are the plan.

Your personality, your essence.
Your joy, your talents, your deepest desires.
Your personal blueprint. Your design.
You are the plan.

What?! Me?
But how? Why?
The plan to what?
What is the purpose of life anyway?!

Well, I've come to think it's pretty simple.
The purpose of life on earth is to protect, preserve and enjoy earth. She's important. I'm not sure how, but I feel like she plays a vital part in the universe. And it's our job to keep it that way.

It's our mission to keep earth balanced.
Nourished. Flourishing. Alive.

We are her keepers.
Her protectors.
Her soldiers.
Her healers.

And you have been designed as a crucial part of that mission.

Yes you!

We have forgotten.
We are disconnected from the plan.
And that is what creates our suffering.

Not "God".

You might think: "Well. God must have been prrrretty drunk when they came up with thát plan. Putting all your trust in HUMANS to protect earth? Seriously, big f*cking fail, God. Look around: earth and humanity aren't doing so well."

But that isn't God's fault.

Our design is perfect.
We are just not living it.

We forgot about the plan.
We walk around knowing that sómething is missing, but we just can't seem to grasp what it is.

While the intel, the keys, the guidance for living out our design: it's all here.

We just need to see it.
Unlock it. Open up to it.
The key to all of this information is right in front of us.

But we are told:
"You don't need the keys.
You don't need what is in that treasure.
The plan is silly, woo woo, dangerous.
Step away.
March on and do what we tell you to do.
Just follow our rules. Obey. Work hard.
And if you do, we will protect you."

They are not protecting you.
They are keeping you away from you.


By numbing our senses through overstimulation and toxins.
By distracting us with shiny things and drama.
By exhausting us.
By pumping fear into us.
By teaching us to hate our bodies. And nature.
By making us doubt our inner voice. 
By ridiculing spirituality and healthy choices.
By flipping the truth constantly.

All because you are the plan that they don't want you to have.

Why do you think everyone is so desperate to find meaning?
Because we are searching for something that we have lost.
It's been ripped away from us.

Which is why most of us feel so incredibly unfulfilled, even though "we have everything".

But why? You might ask.
Why would they do this?
And who is "they" anyway?

Want to know what I've come to believe?
It pretty out there. You might think I've gone mental.

But humour me.
You might recognize a sparkle of truth in here.

I've come to believe that there are forces in control that want to keep earth from thriving. I don't know exactly why, but I have a feeling that earth is a strategic planet in the universe. I feel like we are battling over the controle of our planet.

Yup. Kind of like Star Wars.

Because if you want to keep earth from thriving,
wouldn't it just be smart thinking to target her little soldiers?

To cut off the communication to their true source?
To turn them against themselves with false information?
To confuse them?
To brainwash them?
To make them forget why they are even here?

Wow. Clever.

And if you think I'm batshit crazy for believing this: I totally understand! It's out there. It's different from anything you've ever been told. You may never seen any "proof" of these forces are out there.

But turn on the news and tell me:
does this feel normal to you?
Does this feel human to you?

The wars, the suffering, the lies, the illness, the greed, the fear, the aggression, the abuse, the pollution, the confusion.

Is this who we are?
I think not.

Zoom out.

Humanity is messed up - not because that is our natural state of being, but because we are being messed with.

We are under psychological attack.
Our minds have been poisoned to believe the opposite of the truth. We've been programmed to do the opposite of what we are meant to be doing.

We are scoring in the wrong goal!
Thinking it's the right goal!

And that is why people wander around aimlessly, unfulfilled, disconnected, confused, suffering.

Your mind might have trouble opening up to this possibiliy.
So, if you are up for it, I have a little exercise for you.

Go watch movies like Avatar, Pocahontas, The Hunger Games. V for Vendetta. The Matrix.

Then ask yourself:
Who you root for and why?
What upsets you exactly when you watch these stories?
What makes you sad and angry and righteous?

That feeling is your remembrance.
That feeling is your inner guidance.

The stories we tell are not just stories.
They are OUR stories.
We are in the middle of it.
We are just not seeing it.
It's become too clouded.
They flipped our reality.
They made us believe that the truth is silly imagination and spiritual bullshit.

But in your heart you knów that there is more than this physical world. You've just been programmed to mistrust and reject it. Because this is what sets us free.

It's a tactic and we are falling for it.

We've learned to call each other naïve when we believe in energy and spirits and love and unity, but it's the other way around: you are naively falling for their traps if you dón't believe in this vital part of being human. It's who you are! 

Isn't that the most heartbreaking thing ever?
They made us forget who we are.

And not seeing that, is what keeps humanity trapped and enslaved.

Smart bastards.

But don't worry.
This story ends well.
Because you are a sassy little thing.
Go grab the keys to the truth.
They are right there!
Go get m!
Unlock yourself!
Go fill yourself up with your own magic!
Become that love soldier that you were always meant to be.

Go on. Get curious.
Explore. Disobey. Defy. Rebel. Wonder.
You are so powerful when you're like that.

All you have to do is get curious about who you are.
Quiet down the outside noise.
You don't even have to believe me and my theories.
I get it - I'm in way deep.
Just connect to yourself.

Wake up to your inner guidance.
Wake up to your brilliance.
Wake up to yourself.

What expands your energy?
What makes you forget the world?
What opens your heart?

That is where your plan is waiting for you.

We are starting to remember.
What it should be like.
That we are earth warriors. Full of love and life.
That we are nature, energy, light, health, strength, vitality compassion, unity, kindness, warmth. 
That we are not some sad powerless robots who fall victim to life, but powerful creators of our own reality. 

Open up.

And once you start learning about the plan, you will see:
it was always perfect.
You are perfect.
Nature is perfect.
Earth is perfect.

Yes, we have some stuff to work through, but eventually you will see. That you were always perfect.


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