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Can you be honest about your deepest desires?

No questions asked.
This is what I want.

Not the ego desires.
Not the "I need to be married before 35".
Not the "I need that job to feel worthy".
Those are taught to you by others.
Those are not supportive of you.

I'm talking about soul-desires.
The ones that come from a place deep deep down.
From a place that only you know.

Those desires are yours for a reason.
You need them to thrive.
To grow. To ev

Those desires are the keys to your plan.
They will lead you to the truth of who you are.

That is why you have them.
It's just smart human design!

So stop ignoring them because "they are not convenient."
You are not here to be convenient.
You are here to be extraordinary.

Don't fear your desires.
Embrace them.
Connect with them.
Dream about them.

Your desires are the seeds to your dreamlife.
Water them.
Nourish them.
Love them.

You don't have to know exactly how they will grow to tomorrow, to love them today.

et go of things that aren't it.

This might feel hard, because we are taught the opposite.
We are taught to "not get our hopes up" and "get our heads out of the clouds". To stop dreaming and get real. To not be so fussy. To settle. To suppress.

But these beliefs stomp on our seeds.
They keep us small.
They keep us from creating the lives that are meant for us.

So dream. Fantasize.
Go up to the clouds and set up a camp.
I promise you, you will get a great view.

Full disclosure
So here I go.
Full disclosure.
This is my desire.

I desire a love so big that it will light up the world.
All consuming. All compassing. 
Magical. Deep. Loyal. Playful. Encouraging. Fun.
A love that makes me feel safe.
Seen. Understood. Protected. Wanted. Home.

A soul-freeing, ground-shaking, out-of-this-world kind of love.
A love so strong that it jumps through realms and lifetimes.

Him and me.
In it together.
Not against the world.
But fór it.

On a mission to brighten this place up. 
Helping the world to come alive.
Creating paradise. Together.
Like a double helix.

And I can see why I have this desire.
It is meant for me.
It is all over my chart.
It is part of my path.
It will help me grow and evolve.

And the best news?
He is not too far away.
I can already feel him.
Hear him.

He sais:
Come find me when you are ready.
I know you love a good treasure hunt.

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