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Zodiac Love Letters

How to Play with Leo

Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo!You get me all hyped up.Because you get it.You don't tell people NO.You tell people GO.You say:"Show us your gifts!Tell us your stories!Spruce up those feathers and pour out that big beautiful heart!Express. Create. Play.Life is just more fun that way."We are all each others audience.So let's pay attention. Let's admire. Applaud. Let's cheer each other on.If I would ever need a life coach, I would choose you.Because you remind us that we should all be living our lives inside out. Hearts first. Everything else second.And every day, I aim to be just as brave as you.Because sadly, we have created a cancel culture. And the simple act of being oneself, takes So.Much.Courage.Thank God we have you to show us how it's done.You walk the talk.Grab the mic.Work the room.You don't just entertain.You ignite.You make our hearts expand.Just by being you. Unapologetically.You often get accused of being a little too much. A tad too dramatic.A tiny much vain.But I find it so refreshing.To see someone being themselves fearlessly.Besides, I know you don't do it just for you.You do it for us. To inspire us to break the mold too.We whisper:"But if I show the world my heart, won't they just stomp all over it?"Leo sais:"I know you don't want to be rejected. But do you realize that by hiding who you are, you are rejecting yourself?And isn't that just the saddest thing?Be brave.Let them reject you if they want to. Let them be wrong about you.Let fall away what needs to fall away.This will only guide you to your true lion-tribe.Go shine your brightest light.Go be the lighthouse that you are.It will help your soul-family find you.Besides, when you learn to love yourself, rejections become blips on the road you laugh at.They could never hold you back. You've got stuff to do!"So fluff up those manes.Put out your chest.Roar.Leo Leo Leo Leo.Thank you for having our backs. And hearts.

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How to Care with Cancer

Dear Cancer,Let's turn the tables today.Let me be here for you.What do you need?Tell me. I might give it to you.It would be my absolute pleasure, you know. To return to you all that care that you give out so selflessly.But you have to let me.Do you know what I admire most about you?That you are the perfect combination of strong and soft.Of sweet and tough.A complete angel and a total bad ass.A nurturing care-bear and a warrior-grizzly.How do you switch between the two so easily?How can you have the most gentle touch and still throw such a mean punch?How can you mouth the sweetest whispers and the loudest roars?It must be because you love. So hard.And what you love needs both. Nourishment and protectionSweet, strong Cancer.It can't always be easy to feel so responsible for the people you love.But it's safe here now.Everyone is safe.Protected. Nurtured. Fed.You can drop your guards now.No need to roar or punch.So let's lean back. Let's get comfortable. Remove that armour.There is no use for it here.Let's crack our shells and bath in our softeness. Let's process. Breath. Soften. Feel. Cry. Let go.I think it will make us feel lighter.Sweet, strong Cancer.There is nothing you need to do now.You can drop all that weight.Tomorrow's a new day.

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How to Lighten Up with Gemini

Oh Gemini. I don't even know where to start with you."Just start somewhere," you would say."The middle is fine. I'll catch up. I'll get it."Yes. You are clever like that.I'll just come out with it then.I am head over heels in love with you.Your lightness of being sweeps me of my feet.Make me laugh and I'll be yours forever.You make me melt. Weak in the knees. Giddy.It should be illegal to be so damn charming.Funny. Sharp. Cheeky. Witty.Your clever remarks.Your infinite jokes.Your endless curiosity.Your insatiable talent to make connections. Inside your mind and out there in the world.Your need to understand. It all.It all makes you so attractive. Your excitement for life lights up every room you enter.You see possibilties everywhere!Never defeated. There is always a way.A little challenge just makes your eyeballs illuminate.You are radiant.Electric.How do you do that?How do you make me feel like I am the most interesting person in the room?How do you always ask me the right questions?How do you know something about everything I tell you?Conversations just flow with you.Is this scripted?Or are we just this in tune?Talking to you makes the time stop."Okay okay. Cool it woman," you would say.Because my depth and loyalty would scare you."Don't fall too hard, because I got places to be!People to meet. Information to gather. Bridges to build.You know I can't stay!I'll come back though. I promise.I mean, I think I will. Probably. Sure.I might get a little distracted and forget about you a for a bit.I'm sorry, I don't mean to. I just get so excited about what else is out there."I know. It's okay.Fun, sweet Gemini.Go learn about the world around you.It's why you are here.Don't let anyone stop you. Ever.Not even me.Besides. I know you will come back one day.With so many interesting stories to tell.I will be hanging on your every word.

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How to Heal with Taurus

Can you feel the call to slow down? Can you feel the air getting a bit denser? Heavier?Not in a bad way.In a beautiful, necessary way.That makes us slow down.More focussed.More present.More content.You got to jump around with Aries. Did you have mindblowing ideas and adventures? Did you explore? What did you find?Now Taurus comes in and sais: sit yo ass down for a moment, you big ball of fire. Stop running and be. here. now.Breath.Taurus brings balance.Grounding.Nourishment.Roots.Presence.Peace.This energy is my medicine.With my Aries Sun and my Gemini moon I get so hyped up over just about everything - and my Virgo body doesn't always appreciate it. It's like I am a Ferrari driver in a Toyota Corolla body. My system overheats.Thank God my Venus is in Taurus.She sais:Let's cool down now.Take a breath.Use your senses.Feel.Enjoy the food, the smells, the cuddles. Take a hot bath and a nap in your favorite pyjamas. Let the music give you goosebumps. Sway. Relish. Let the sun warm your skin. Stroll through to the park, the woods, the mountains. Breath in the fresh air. Smell the roses. It's all here for you.Open up to it.Receive.Let's be in our bodies. Really.Let's nourish and enjoy them.Let's have breakfast in bed.Let's make a lot of love.Lets only do the things that make us go "mmmmm".Let's pretend we are goddesses.Because obviously, we are.Taurus sais: we all know life is about the journey.So why are you rushing through it?That's not living. Slow down.Take your time, human.Enjoy your senses.This is why you are here!And this Taurus gift for going slow and sensing, comes with a special talent. Taurus knows how to organise the world around us. To make it a comfortable space that supports us. They are meticulous, gentle, precise and practical. They are intuitive builders. Architects of life. Designers.How does it feel? How does it look? How can this serve us better?They take their time to feel into what they are doing. So they can get it right.But, with all this delicious slowness a Taurus is bound to get a little stuck. Their talents come with stubbornness. With a lot of NO.

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