How to Run with Aries

Gepubliceerd op 8 mei 2021 om 15:50

Are you ready to explore new territory?
Because it’s Aries season - and it’s ON!

Aries brings the energy of adventure.
Of freedom, independence and optimism. 
Of fire and passion.
Of f
ollowing your instincts. 
Of running towards everything that excites you.

Let’s Go!

Aries sais:
“If you don’t want to join me, that’s totally fine, but I am going anyway. I just have to do this. For me.”

Aries waits for no man.
There is no containing an Aries.

So, if you love an Aries, you will need to learn how to love without conditions. Without restrictions. Without ever saying: “you shouldn’t” and “I told you so.”

If you want to love an Aries, you will need to be brave.

Because yes, you are going to watch an Aries make a few mistakes.
Not because they are stupid.
Because they are here to experience. It all.
Jumping in, falling flat and getting back up again, is how they grow.
They don’t mind. They won’t fall twice.
Besides, it’s just a piece of the magic, isn’t it?

Would you scold a child for not succeeding at the first try?

Would you tell a dancer to stop learning new moves because they might pull a muscle?
Would you judge a tourist for accidentally breaking a few cultural rules?

No! You admire them for their perseverance.
For their willingness to learn.
You root for them. 
You melt because of their innocence.
You get inspired by their zest for life. 
It's so contagious!
You might just want to jump in too.
Learn a few new things yourself!

Aries is here to explore new territory and write home about it. It is in their DNA to go first. To find out if it is safe for all of us. 

Aries wants to show you: “this is what I found here, and this is what I learned there. And I hope this helps you, should you ever want to join me up here!”

Although. You probably won’t find them there.
They most definitely will have moved on to new land before you get there.

Sweet, brave Aries.
Thank you for making us come alive.



PS Moving from Pisces season into Aries season is so cool. They are very different energies, but they have something common: they are both explorers! Just of different realms.

During Pisces season you got to explore your inner world, your dreams, your fantasies, the metaphysical, your calling.
And now, Aries energy is coming in HOT to fuel those dreams with fire! You get to explore: where can I turn these dreams into reality?0

Aries sais: let’s make it happen! It's game time now! 

(and then Taurus will help you build and sustain it! So cool! But more on that later! Exclamation marks!! Because Aries!!).


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