How to Swim with Pisces

Gepubliceerd op 8 mei 2021 om 15:50

It's Pisces season.
I've always felt so connected to this energy. 

Watery. Fluid and soft. 
Deeply sensitive.

I once heard someone say: 

If you are a Pisces, you need to learn how to swim.

And that hit me hard. 

A fish will never walk. Period.
So telling a Pisces to toughen up is absolute bonkers.
Advising them to be less sensitive, is dismissive of who they are.
It's telling them to shut down their superpower and hide.
It's like telling a fish to stop swimming.

Isn't it a bit rude to accept sensitivity as long as it is convenient to us?
To say yes to someone's creativity, compassion and wisdom, and no to their pain and overwhelm?

It's all part of the same talent you know.
It's not fair to dismiss one side.

Sweet, sensitive Pisces. 
The answer is never to toughen up. 
It's never to shut down your emotions.
It's about letting them swim through you. 
Accept. Make peace with them.
So you can harness their power. And create. 
Your emotions hold so much wisdom. 
For all of us.

I wish you friends who protect your sensitivity.
Who say: "yes, you are so right to feel this way. The world is too harsh and I am so glad you are here to soften it."

You remind us of how it could be. 
Of how it should be.
Your dreams light up our world. 

And I see us making your dreams our reality.
I see us stepping up. Listening to you.
I see you leading the way.

Brave, powerful Pisces.
It's not always easy to feel.
But you got this.
You will forever be my superhero.

Art by @LisaLaRoseArt


PS we all have Piscean energy in us! See if you can hone in on this compassionate, creative energy this month. What would heaven on earth look like to you? Imagine it. Start dreaming. Because once you see it, you can create it ;)



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