How to Heal with Taurus

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Can you feel the call to slow down?
Can you feel the air getting a bit denser?

Not in a bad way.
In a beautiful, necessary way.
That makes us slow down.

More focussed.
More present.
More content.

You got to jump around with Aries.
Did you have mindblowing ideas and adventures?
Did you explore? What did you find?

Now Taurus comes in and sais: sit yo ass down for a moment, you big ball of fire. Stop running and be. here. now.


Taurus brings balance.

This energy is my medicine.
With my Aries Sun and my Gemini moon I get so hyped up over just about everything - and my Virgo body doesn't always appreciate it. It's like I am a Ferrari driver in a Toyota Corolla body. My system overheats.

Thank God my Venus is in Taurus.

She sais:
Let's cool down now.
Take a breath.
Use your senses.

Enjoy the food, the smells, the cuddles. Take a hot bath and a nap in your favorite pyjamas. Let the music give you goosebumps. Sway. Relish. Let the sun warm your skin. Stroll through to the park, the woods, the mountains. Breath in the fresh air. Smell the roses. 

It's all here for you.
Open up to it.

Let's be in our bodies. Really.
Let's nourish and enjoy them.
Let's have breakfast in bed.
Let's make a lot of love.
Lets only do the things that make us go "mmmmm".

Let's pretend we are goddesses.
Because obviously, we are.

Taurus sais: we all know life is about the journey.
So why are you rushing through it?
That's not living. Slow down.
Take your time, human.
Enjoy your senses.
This is why you are here!

And this Taurus gift for going slow and sensing, comes with a special talent. Taurus knows how to organise the world around us. To make it a comfortable space that supports us. They are meticulous, gentle, precise and practical. They are intuitive builders. Architects of life. Designers.

How does it feel?
How does it look?
How can this serve us better?

They take their time to feel into what they are doing.
So they can get it right.

But, with all this delicious slowness 
a Taurus is bound to get a little stuck. Their talents come with stubbornness.
With a lot of NO.

Sweet, gentle Taurus.
I know you don't like change.
You like to be comfortable.
But be honest with yourself:
does it still feel good? Really?
Or is it time to let go?
To ruffle the feathers?
To start something new?

These are your lessons.
Go get unstuck. Let go.
So you can grow.

Take your time though.
It's okay. There is no rush.
Ease yourself into it.

When you love a Taurus, whatever you do, do not push them. They will explode and retract.

And I get it.
It's horrible to have people breathing down your neck.
Especially when you are secretly just a little scared.


Strong, brave Taurus.
You are more capable than you think.
You could build anything!
That includes change and a new reality.
That includes your dreamlife.

I know it makes you nervous, but I promise you it's worth it.

Sweet, gentle Taurus.
Thank you for being my medicine.


PS Want more of this delicious Taurus energy? Read Return of Investment. That was definitely written with my Venus in Taurus in charge! 

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