How to Care with Cancer

Gepubliceerd op 21 juni 2021 om 11:59

Dear Cancer,

Let's turn the tables today.
Let me be here for you.
What do you need?
Tell me. I might give it to you.

It would be my absolute pleasure, you know.
To return to you all that care that you give out so selflessly.

But you have to let me.

Do you know what I admire most about you?
That you are the perfect combination of strong and soft.
Of sweet and tough.

A complete angel and a total bad ass.
A nurturing care-bear and a warrior-grizzly.

How do you switch between the two so easily?
How can you have the most gentle touch and still throw such a mean punch?
How can you mouth the sweetest whispers and the loudest roars?

It must be because you love. So hard.
And what you love needs both.
Nourishment and protection

Sweet, strong Cancer.
It can't always be easy to feel so responsible for the people you love.

But it's safe here now.
Everyone is safe.
Protected. Nurtured. Fed.
You can drop your guards now.
No need to roar or punch.

So let's lean back.
Let's get comfortable. 

Remove that armour.
There is no use for it here.

Let's crack our shells and bath in our softeness. 
Let's process. 
Breath. Soften. Feel. Cry. Let go.
I think it will make us feel lighter.

Sweet, strong Cancer.
There is nothing you need to do now.
You can drop all that weight.
Tomorrow's a new day.


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