Personalized astrology cards + mini reading

€ 15,00

Personalized astrology cards + mini reading.
For a birthday or to welcome a new baby!
I dive into the person's blue print and add their unique traits based on their Sun, Moon and Rising sign.
I also add a letter explaining how this should be interpreted and I will add one or two extra features that stand out for me.

So you are getting a mini astrology reading!

A great personalized gift to a birthday boy or girl, or to new parents. New parents told me that they fall in love with their babies EVEN MORE after reading about their blue print traits.
They can't wait to see how it all plays out while they grow up!

You can choose different designs and English or Dutch. 

All files will be send to you digitally - so you have the choice how to print your card. I recommend going to a print shop and using at least 200 gram paper.

You will receive several files:
1. front of the card
2. back of the card
3. front of the card with print lines
4. back of the card with print lines
5. letter